Ever since the launch of First Step Coffee in Korea 2012, our excitement to serve our customers with specialty coffee has been on a rise. Each time a hand reaches over the counter to present a coffee to another outstretched hand, it’s a promise of our commitment to serve coffee of the highest quality.

The impeccable quality of green beans in our roasts and brews has been sweetly cherished by our customers from Korea to Malaysia. We use only the finest coffee beans from exotic coffee producers around the globe.

All our beans are hand-picked and use the process of "selective picking" to remove all impurities before being dried. Our philosophy of uncompromisingly high-quality roast is our dedication delivering hand-crafted coffee each and every day.

First Step Coffee offers outstanding service from the best in class baristas which are happy and willing to impart all the secrets of coffee. Besides offering espresso base coffee, we are also equipped with a brew bar using single origins such as Siphons, V60’s, and Aeropress, to allow you to experience each brew's amazing flavours and characteristics.


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Happiness through coffee