Guatemala Antigua SHD

Antigua’s coffee is mostly recognized as coffee of the Guatemala. The coffee is planted on the volcanic and pumice highland which between 1500m to 1700m. Every years, fully washed Catura and Bourbon coffee are heavy produced from here to satisfy the large amount of Guatemala coffee-lovers around the world.

The SHB, Strictly Hard Bean, is refers to those beans grown at high attitude and slowly mature or slowly grow into harder and denser compare to low level attitude coffee.

Process : Fully Washed
Region : Antigua
Producer’s Name :
Farm Name :
Altitude : 1500 to 1600m ASL
Variety : Bourbon, Typica

Aroma: ★★★
Balance: ★★★
Sweetness: ★★★★
Acidity: ★★★
Body: ★★★

Cupping Note

( creemy, chocolate, brown sugar, malty, caramel)