Colombia Supremo

In the Cauca region (also known as Popayan), the farmers had been planted the Arabica, Typica and Caturra, for the most traditional cup of Americano. Supremo is used in the Colombia coffee grading. The Supremo beans are referred to those beans’ size is between Grade 18 (18/64” diameter) to Grade 16 (16/64” diameter) sieve. In other words, the Supremo bean is slightly bigger than Excelso bean.

Process : Fully Washed
Region : Cacua / Popayan
Producer’s Name :
Farm Name :
Altitude : 5500 feet ASL
Variety : Typica and caturra

Aroma: ★★★
Balance: ★★★
Sweetness: ★★★
Acidity: ★★★
Body: ★★★

Cupping Note

( orange, malty, caramel, cedar, honey )