Colombia Excelso Hulia

Huila region is located at the southwest Colombia, next to the Cauca region. The coffee varieties are mostly Caturra but some Typica and Castillo. The coffees are still using the traditional sun drying or fully wash to processing their beans. Excelso is one of the coffee terms used in Colombia coffee. Escelso is referred to the grade of the coffee sizes, those coffee beans are able to pass though the Grade 16 (16/64” diameter) sieve but larger than the size 14 (14/64” diameter) sieve perforation.

Process : Washed
Region : Hulia
Producer’s Name : Garzon (Buying Station)
Farm Name : Las Mercedes – El Aguacate
Altitude : 1470m ASL
Variety : Caturra, Castillo

Aroma: ★★
Balance: ★★★
Sweetness: ★★★
Acidity: ★★★
Body: ★★

Cupping Note

( bright acidity, lemon, honey )