Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu

DOTA, Coope Dota R.L is located at around 1 hr 30 min south of San Jose in the Tarrazu coffee region. The farms over there are mainly volcanic. Due to the Costa Rica Pacific watershed, coffee trees are geographically having the rainy and dry season. The natural rainfall makes enough of watering to the farm during the season. The 1500m to 1800m high attitude are also providing a designed temperature and sunlight for coffee growing.

Process : Washed
Region : Dota, Tarrazu
Producer’s Name :
Farm Name :
Altitude : 1500 to 1800m ASL
Variety : Caturra and Catuai

Aroma: ★★
Balance: ★★★★
Sweetness: ★★
Acidity: ★★
Body: ★★

Cupping Note

( apple, chocalate, brown sugar, malty )