Indonesia Mandheling Triple Pick

Mandheling is the most popular Arabica coffee from the Indonesia. The volcanic soil type and 1200m to 1400m asl high attitude environment is prefect for the growth of Arabica bean. Mandheling have gathered the greatest green beans from the Sumatra Island and normally involved different varieties of coffee, like Bourbon, Tim tim, P88, Ateng and so on. After triple picks progress, there are only the G1 was been keeping.

Process : Washed
Region : Mandheling, Aceh
Producer’s Name :
Farm Name :
Altitude : 1200 to 1400m ASL
Variety : Bourbon, Tim tim, P88, lini-s

Aroma: ★★
Balance: ★★
Sweetness: ★★★
Acidity: ★
Body: ★★★★★

Cupping Note

( malty, cacao, dark chocolate, walnut, strong body )